Bacula Enterprise Swift OpenStack Plugin

In addition to being open source software that incorporates technologies provided by NASA and Rackspace, OpenStack brings together in its consortium several large organizations such as Canonical, RedHat, SUSE, VMware, IBM, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo !

With OpenStack it is possible to manage the entire cloud computing and storage infrastructure already thinking about the integration with Amazon AWS EC2 and S3 services through its APIs.

Imagine when this powerful tool joins Bacula Enterprise Edition! The data backup and recovery software developed and maintained by Bacula Systems, a company dedicated exclusively to data backup and restore technologies. With the largest Plugins Catalog on the market, Bacula Enterprise also allows integration with one of the main services of OpenStack: the Swift Storage Infrastructure.

The Swift OpenStack plugin has been available since version 8.8 of Bacula Enterprise and retrieves objects one by one during the backup phase. Besides that:

  • Any container and/or object metadata modified since the last backup will be saved during incremental and/or differential backups.
  • Restored data and metadata can be sent to the original container, an alternative container or a local directory.
  • Large object restore process is using the DLO technique.

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