Bacula Enterprise is Quantum-approved
Bacula homologado Quantum

Bacula Enterprise is Quantum-approved and Integrated DXi Model Backup Appliance (PBBA).

Bacula Enterprise recent version 14 was approved for Quantum’s Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA). These equipments have the exclusive purpose of performing backups and provide several advantages for the Data Center, such as:

  • They are ready for immediate use by design (Plug-and-play).
  • Integrated hardware and software, facilitating backup routines.
  • They include automated deduplication, compression, encryption, configuration and maintenance capabilities, and redundant hardware components.
  • They run their own backup-related workloads without affecting other servers.
  • They are highly recommended for data protection and disaster recovery (DR).
  • It is easy to configure and can be added to any existing IT infrastructure.
  • Can be deployed as a gateway device between backup software and cloud storage.
  • They can also be used as a cloud gateway device by presenting the cloud storage as if it were a local disk.

Midsize businesses and organizations have the flexibility to utilize multiple dedicated devices to share resources and workloads.

Bacula Brasil e América Latina is a partner of Quantum and has a complete line of tape libraries, object storage devices etc.

Learn more about the  Bacula Enterprise homologation for Quantum devices and the Integrated DXi storage line. Contact our team at

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