Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials
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Our Customers Are Smart.

When it comes to backup and recovery, large data centers and MSPs are shifting to a more reliable, stable and secure company. A company that is agile and responsive to its customers. A product that has undergone the testing and appraisal that results from over 3 million community downloads. That company is Bacula Systems.

Other backup and recovery vendors have tried labeling us as a ‘startup’. However, our customers know the truth, with their ROI and our proud history speaking for itself. Smart MSPs and data centers back up and restore their data with Bacula Enterprise Edition and are free to back up any amount of data they want.

Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 1
“Bacula Enterprise is the only product that works with IBM HPSS out-of-the-box, provides multi-user access, has encryption compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards, does not included capacity-based licensing model…”
Gustaf J Barkstrom, Systems Administrator at SSAI (NASA Langley contractor)

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“With Bacula Enterprise Edition, I get a great virtual and physical backup solution in one, plus fast restore ability in an environment where uptime is paramount”
Jonathan Kernan, DevOps System Engineer at Sky
Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 2

“Bacula’s scalability is great. We add as many Bacula Storage daemons as we need, and there is little overhead with the Director. We have added at least a 1000 servers”

Rich LeBel, Director, Systems & Infrastructure at IDS Management
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“It’s more scalable and much less expensive, typically 10-50% of the cost of traditional enterprise backup systems. Bacula’s architecture allows it keep pace with the data growth common in large enterprises”

Storage Switzerland, U.S. analysts


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“Since using Bacula, the amount of time we have to spend taking care of backup and restore has been cut by almost 60%. It can do recoveries very easily”
Ed Evans, Texas A&M University Department of Biochemistry
Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 3
“What I especially like about Bacula Enterprise Edition is that it is extremely reliable”
Paul Bastable, Systems Administrator, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group


Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 4
“Bacula has enabled us to increase the reliability of our mission-critical backup environment, reducing costs by a factor of ten. Bacula Systems support is outstanding. Bacula also allows us to do configuration and checksum checks”
Klaus Horak, head of BE3SM, WAVE Solutions (a subsidiary of Bank Austria)
Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 5
“Bacula Systems’ exceptionally safe, flexible, easy-to-use and dependable solutions are of immense utility in addressing challenges faced by many large data centers”
CIO Review Magazine, “20 Most Promising Data Center Solutions”
Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 6

“Bacula Enterprise Edition was the only backup software of all the products we surveyed that was capable of client authentication on all operating systems. It’s scalability in terms of clients is very impressive”

Dr. Andreas Gerdes, Leibniz University IT Services (LUIS), Hannover
Bacula Enterprise Customers & Testemonials 7

“Bacula Enterprise has saved my time to focus on other work. It’s reliable, stable and capable”

Seowon Jung, Systems Administrator, University of Hawaii at Manoa
To know more about how Bacula Enterprise Edition can improve your data center, contact us now.

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