Bacula and ExaGrid: Immutable Multi-Tier and Certified Backups

Do you want protection against ransomware with lower costs, fast backups, and extreme gains from deduplication? If your answer is: “yes, yes, yes!”, your solution has arrived.

ExaGrid has models of devices of various sizes that allow complete backups of up to 84 TB per device at an ingestion rate of 488 TB/hour. The combination of up to 32 devices in a single scalable system allows for greater scalability for a complete backup of 2.7 PB (usable storage of 5.37 PB). Additionally, ExaGrid offers support for secondary repository storage of up to 5.37 PB for DR and long-term retention.

On the other hand, Bacula’s Aligned Driver, certified for use in ExaGrid’s entire line of PBBAs (Purpose-Built-Backup-Appliances), provides reductions of up to 50 to 1, depending, of course, on backup retentions and data variability.

ExaGrid, in conjunction with Bacula, provides support for numerous features, integrations, and exclusive interfaces to enhance security, performance, and scalability, such as native immutability in Bacula and ExaGrid, multiplexing and parallelism of backups, clustering for virtually infinite ExaGrid units, and the possibility of global deduplication at the source.

ExaGrid’s deduplication can even leverage the backup software’s deduplication and add additional deduplication to increase global rates, resulting in even greater savings in disk space and bandwidth.ExaGrid is the only solution that provides an exclusive disk cache landing zone that retains complete backups of the latest backups from all Bacula workloads, so that restores, recoveries, VM boots, and tape copies are as fast as disk reading.

As shown in Figure 1, presenting ExaGrid volumes to Bacula is extremely easy to configure, as are immutable replications.

Bacula and ExaGrid: Immutable Multi-Tier and Certified Backups 1

Figure 1. Configuration of ExaGrid shares and replications.

On the Bacula side, the Aligned plugin showed optimal reduction with 128Kb blocks. As shown in Figure 2, backups can be extremely fast with the ingestion of many terabytes in an hour.
Bacula and ExaGrid: Immutable Multi-Tier and Certified Backups 2

Figure 2. Backup data written by Bacula on ExaGrid Appliances.

In addition to all this, ExaGrid’s team in the United States worked in collaboration with Heitor Faria, a renowned researcher in the backup field, adding credibility and optimizing the certification process.
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