CBacula Support for WaconsulTI
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What happens in your business when the internet crashes, the system goes down or when the file server stops working? We know that the availability of information technology services is a critical point for the functioning of any organization nowadays.

With this in mind, WaconsulTI has been in the market for more than 10 years providing IT infrastructure monitoring services and implementing internet access control policies. After all, relying on specialized professionals and early warning services in case of potential failures means you can spend more time on your organization’s business.

And he talked technology, spoke in Backup and spoke in Bacula! Community Bacula was the option of WaconsulTI that also counts on the partnership of Technical Support of Bacula Brazil. Both the technical support for CBacula and EBacula, has annual 24×7 support contracts, with a flexible price, according to the size of the structure of your company.

They are plans from 150 USD for up to 25 backup clients.

Contact us and request a budget:

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