Sucess and Growth: We Are Now Known As Bacula Brasil e América Latina

It’s official now!

Due to the great success of Bacula Enterprise in Brazil, Bacula do Brasil is now Bacula Brasil e América Latina (Bacula Brazil and Latin America). In addition to all current success in Europe, where Bacula Systems is headquartered, and in Asia, we are now dominating the Americas.

More than a name change, this represents the expansion of our operations as a result of our well-structured work on the exclusive distribution of Brazil’s most popular B&R (data backup and restore) software and the world’s 4th most popular: Bacula Enterprise, its huge plugin collection, and the exclusive management interface. Get to know some of our success cases.

All this recognition was obtained thanks to the support of our collaborators and partners whom we cordially thank as well as the receptivity and approval of customers, the fundamental pillar of our success!

Bacula Enterprise is chosen by those decision-makers and IT infrastructure managers who know how to make good investments and who also know how to recognize stable, reliable, scalable and cost-effective B&R software that is able to deal with the most hybrid and complex environments.

Run away from technology lock-in, feature limitations and high prices!

Choose Bacula Brasil e América Latina!

Want to protect your organization’s data center and reduce backup costs?

Contact our team to plan together with you the best B&R configuration for your organization.

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