Bacula Boss’s Report

Generate a spreadsheet containing a report of what Bacula save: jobname, fileset, pre-post scripts ecc. All written in a human readable’s format.

It’s useful to generate periodic reports or when your boss ask for a “report of what we are saving right now”: bacula’s web interface may be your first thought, but an xls file it’s easier to share with other managers, and access to the bacula’s web interface may be restricted in a separated nework or similar. <>


Run on shell, as follows:

# Deps (Debian/CentOS)
apt-get -y install libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl git
yum install -y perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel git
# Downloads and installs bboss script
cd /usr/src
git clone
cd bboss-report
cp /opt/bacula/scripts
sed -i 's|/etc/bacula|/opt/bacula/etc|g' /opt/bacula/scripts/
cp bboss-report.conf /opt/bacula/etc/bboss-report.conf
# Finds where bconsole executable is and replaces 
bconsole=$(whereis bconsole |cut -d " " -f 2); sed -i "s|/sbin/bconsole|$bconsole|g" /opt/bacula/etc/bboss-report.conf
# Generates first report
/opt/bacula/scripts/ /tmp/report.xls


Bacula Boss's Report 1 Bacula Boss's Report 2

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