Backup of Virtual Machines: Nutanix AHV
Backup of Virtual Machines

Backing Up More Hypervisor-Types Than Any Other Vendor.

Bacula announced the availability of its Nutanix AHV backup module. Now you can easily protect – with especially high security – all your Nutanix data and applications, along with the rest of your IT environment. Even if you have a very complicated one! Bacula has one of – if not the – broadest data protection integration in the industry. Here are the main features of Bacula’s Nutanix module:

  • Agentless deployment
  • Snapshot-based backup/restore
  • Support for any kind of guest VM
  • Hot copy: Online VMs supported (no need to shutdown)
  • Full, Incremental and Differential levels
  • Fast block level image backup through NDFS
  • Restore complete VM images
  • Restore network interfaces
  • Remote interactive snapshot deletion tool included

Make sure your backup and recovery software is the most flexible solution available. Bacula Enterprise spans more virtual machine-types than any other scalable backup and recovery solution: in addition to Nutanix, Bacula natively integrates with VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, RHV, Xen and Proxmox for lightning-fast performance, agentless integration and advanced features. Bacula also delivers vast inter-operable capabilities with hybrid cloud connectivity as well as your container environment.

“The most powerful backup tool on the market. Multi-cloud, multi-environment and multi-OS backups in one tool” Navisite

Do you care about security? Bacula’s unique architecture brings especially high levels of security and trustworthiness over other solutions, as well as cutting edge intrusion-detection tools. Its extreme customizability means it molds into your special security and compliance needs to make your infrastructure even more secure. Just ask our military and defense customers.

Stop paying too much to expensive vendors that give poor support. Start talking to a company that actually cares about you. If you need a backup and recovery company that prepares you for tomorrow, it’s time to get in touch with us.

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