Backup in the Banking Sector with Bacula Enterprise

High levels of security, reliability and availability for large volumes of data characterize the technological scenario of banks worldwide. These are critical systems that, in addition to guaranteeing the functioning of day-to-day financial operations, open up a path in the digital world and are challenged to develop new forms of interaction and relationships with people.

As one of the sectors that most invests in technology, traditional banking infrastructure is made up of legacy systems while the new digital banking “models”, despite incorporating all the responsibilities of traditional ones, continue to have an advantage when the requirement is flexibility for developments technological. In both cases, it is necessary to have a data backup and recovery solution that promotes the optimization in the use of IT resources while delivering to the Data Processing Centers: security, reliability and availability.

In the current scenario in which new challenges arise and technological demands increase, changes are often fundamental. The implementation of a new backup and data recovery solution can bring performance returns and also savings.

Bacula Enterprise, developed by Bacula Systems, brings together all the expertise of a company focused on this area. It has the largest catalog of plugins on the market and is available for the migration of complex physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments, regardless of architecture and also uses encryption. With Bacula, investments are proportional to the use, there is no charging for data volume and we have all the cutting edge technology in the area of data backup and restoration, such as Global Deduplication, in addition to providing an exclusive graphical management interface such as BWeb or other of your preference.

Get in touch with our team, request a quote and access all the advantages to continue evolving your bank’s IT infrastructure with complete security and flexibility. 

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