Bacula Dell Appliance
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The integrated Bacula and Dell servers and storage solutions provide a high performance data backup and recovery appliance for your organization. All of Bacula’s technology certified in exclusive Dell equipment that guarantees total service availability, increased IT infrastructure efficiency and significant cost savings.

Whether in physical, virtual or cloud environments; Windows platform or GNU/Linux, Bacula, in its Enterprise or Community version, offers the necessary functionality to ensure the ease of management and security of the stored data. In addition to the 3-year warranty, on-site installation and support; in-company Appliance / Bacula training (optional) are several benefits:

  • Saving storage space and using network bandwidth with Global Endpoint Deduplication technology.
  • Deduplication is critical for companies that have several decentralized units (with branches in different buildings) because they save up to 99% on traffic and backup storage.
  • Recording of data backed up in an open format (non-proprietary) allowing the user organization not to be a victim of technological supply.
  • Catalog in open format and in standard SQL database, like PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Variable storage capacity: from 10 GigaByte to 1 PetaByte.
  • Decentralization of data backup and recovery tasks with the BaaS interface.
    Access control for management via Active Directory (LDAP).
  • Rapid disaster recovery.
  • BWeb management console (Bacula Enterprise’s unique graphical interface).
  • The largest collection of plugins in the market, with integration for VMWARE, VSS, Hyper-V, KVM, XEN, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, SAP, Directories, Delta, NDMP, Bare Metal for Linux and Windows, and others.

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