Algar Technology Chooses Enterprise Bacula

Bacula Enterprise is especially advantageous to Algar Technology because of the large number of servers and data centers it manages, as well as the volume of data that needs to be backed up. The biggest beneficiary of this partnership will be the end customer who will have their data protected effectively, ensuring information security and service excellence. With the flexibility of a package that includes all Bacula Enterprise Plugins, Algar will achieve a homogeneous solution run by experienced administrators and backup operators.

Algar Tech has been operating in the corporate market for 18 years, through a portfolio focused on the digital transformation of Customer Relationship Management, Technology Environment Management and Telecom Service Management solutions in Brazil and Latin America.

Technology Environment Management solutions direct the operation to a digitized approach in intelligent technologies, through connected devices (IoT), applications, security, corporate networks, data center and cloud in order to manage in an integrated way both the internal service Management of the Technology environment. The Telecom Service Management is focused on deployment, maintenance, and monitoring in order to optimize management with agility, security and availability of telecom networks.

Allied to a broad ecosystem of partners, the company’s team of 12,000 professionals work to think and rethink customer journey and technology operations to promote innovation and delivery with excellence. With multichannel and multi-lingual service in more than six languages, the company has broad capillarity and operates in 100% of Latin America with offices in Brazil and units in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

Algar is an entrepreneurial group, 100% Brazilian, founded in 1930 and operating throughout the national territory, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. In the group, about 23 thousand associates work serving almost 2 million customers with solutions in ICT, Agro, Service and Tourism.

Ahead there are some pictures of the kick-off event.

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