Ease and Speed ​​in Backup and Data Recovery Management
The unique graphical interface of Bacula Enterprise is new and features many facilities for managing your backups, reports and data recovery actions. Let's get to know the new BWeb?
Physical, Virtual and Cloud Disaster Recovery for the Modern Data Center™
Bacula Enterprise is the network data backup and recovery software for data center that does not penalize you for data volume.
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Bacula Enterprise: Leader in Reviews

Physical, Virtual and Cloud Disaster Recovery for the Modern Data Center™

Bacula Enterprise is the most well evaluated distributed enterprise backup system with support, warranty, additional features and advanced plugins for easy backup of specific applications. No gotchas or pricing of backups by size and many more integrations than Commvault, Netbackup, IBM Spectrum and Veeam backup. Perpetual Licenses, Subscription and MSP, without sudden changes in commercial and pricing policies.

Bacula Enterprise Appliances

Maximum protection, performance and security for your backups.

Resilience and high availability, through individual, replicated or even hyperconverged clusters, manufactured in Brazil (PPB) or chosen by the customer. Server architecture option with storages and tape libraries. Highly specialized with a specific line of Intel processors, two or more CPUs, other redundant components, and a customizable storage area with SAS disks or even flash.

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24x7 Personal-Touch-Support in local language, Training and Implementation

The best way to support your company critical operations.

Bacula Brazil and Latin America offers a full range of enterprise services. Personal support delivers dedicated analysts, changes, updates and critical issues assisted to each customer. Enjoy In-company or remote training, certification, and deployment of Bacula anywhere in the world, exploring all the peculiarities of your infrastructure.

The Bacula Bacula Software Book

First step to understanding the most popular backup system.

The book dedicated to the theoretical part of backups, it also brings complete manuals of installation and configuration of a backup system based on the most used tool in the world – Bacula.

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All Backup Storage Back-ends, including Certified PBBA and Clouds

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Reliable since 2018

Bacula Enterprise has been a trusted choice for our infrastructure since 2018. Over the years, its robustness and performance have ensured the integrity of our data, providing much-needed peace of mind. The agile and effective support from the Bacula Brazil and Latin America team has been fundamental, resolving incidents promptly and offering valuable guidance for creating efficient backup policies. We perform backups of VMs to disk, tape and cloud, as well as Zimbra and several other workloads.

Roni Peterson Alvarenga Ferraresso
Information Systems Coordinator Campinas City Council
Bacula Enterprise Review

Bacula Enterprise is being used by our Information Technology department to manage backups for servers supporting our whole University. We have almost 200 backup jobs configured using the Bacula Enterprise software which is backing up servers supporting both the Academic and Administrative areas of the University. We needed a solution that is economical but reliable, and Bacula Enterprises fills that role for us.

Nick Bebout
Systems Administrator University of Southern Indiana (Higher Education, 1001-5000 employees)
Bacula Enterprise has my back

Our company uses Bacula Enterprise to ensure that our servers, projects, and files are being backed up reliably. Our strategy includes making virtual machine backups to facilitate restoring complete systems as well as making file level backups to restore files one-by-one. We also use Bacula Enterprise to back up our active directory database and our Microsoft Exchange email. Bacula Enterprise can be customized to the extreme, and we take advantage of this by creating backup jobs that are exactly suited for each situation -- in some cases we need to keep files for years and in other cases we are only concerned about having a reasonably recent backup. Although Bacula Enterprise could be used on individual user's computers, our disaster recovery plan only requires that our servers be backed up. We do not use tape. Our backups are stored locally to disk and then replicated off-site.

Cliff Nieuwenhuis
Director of Information Technology Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. (Architecture & Planning, 11-50 employees)
Armazem Paraiba Protects Itself with Bacula Systems

I have been using Bacula Enterprise for 3 years throughout an organization. At our headquarters in "Teresina/PI Brasil" I back up ~ 170 daily backup jobs and in the 226 branch offices in more than 7 Brazilian states (4 daily backup jobs per branch). My main challenges for backup were to have centralized and monitoring management of headquarters and all branch offices to VM-level backups, compatibility with multiple operating system platforms (Linux, Windows, AIX, Unix ...) and databases (PSQL, Mysql, Oracle, SQLServer).

Rubens Urquisa
Manage Network and Virtualization Claudino SA (Retail, 501-1000 employees)

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