Catholic Queen of “Sertão” University Bacula Deploy, Quixadá – CE
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Three days of hard work even after hours, to deploy a reliable and excellent system backups with Bacula. HP 1/8 Autoloader G4 has been configured and tested, with satisfactory performance of clients connected by ethernet network 1000Mbps. Microsoft SQL databases backup, file server etc.

Brazil Bacula The congratulates School, which during the training changed their status to University Center, and thanks for the tremendous staff hospitality.

The Catholic School Queen of “Sertão” (FCRS), is an institution of higher education nonprofit, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Its headquarters is located in Quixadá, Ceará.

The college has its origin in the Philosophical Institute and Theological Our Lady Immaculate Queen of the Wild (IFTNSIRS) which was created on September 08, 1999, through the Decree 45, of Don Adelio Tomasin (Bishop Emeritus of Quixadá Diocese) to meet the demands of qualified personnel training in the areas of philosophy and theology. The institute was later accredited to the MEC by Ordinance No. 1270 of 25 April 2002.

In December 2003, as an extension of IFTNSIRS, he was born Catholic School Queen of Hinterland, administered by the diocese of Quixadá, with the help of the Catholic Community Shalom, and installed in the Old School Craft building.


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