Firebird database on Windows sample scripts and configuration

by Wanderlei Huttel

In powershell as an administrator you need to run the command once:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

And to set the Job Bacula (bacula- dir.conf):

# FileSet Firebird (database dump)
FileSet {
Name = "FileSet_Firebird"
Include {
Options {
signature = md5
compression = gzip
onefs = no
ignorecase = yes
File = "C:/sistema/backup/firebird.fbk"
File = "C:/sistema/backup/firebird.log"

# Job Backup Firebird
Job {
Name = "Backup_Firebird_FBK"
JobDefs = "Backup_Padrao"
Client = srv_firebird-fd
FileSet= "FileSet_Firebird"
Schedule = "Agenda_GFS"
ClientRunBeforeJob = "powershell C:/'Program  Files'/Bacula/scripts/make_firebird_backup.ps1"
ClientRunAfterJob = "powershell C:/'Program  Files'/Bacula/scripts/delete_firebird_backup.ps1"

The dump generation and after job deletion scripts to download:

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